Prestige Clairemont Kokapet

Prestige Clairemont Kokapet

Prestige Clairemont at Kokapet has a well-developed infrastructure. It is a great place to invest in due to its proximity to IT centres of Hi-tech City, Madhapur and Gachibowli. Kokapet stands as a premium residential hub, and real estate market values have surged significantly in the last few years, reflecting the area's strong potential as an investment hub.

Kokapet is close to many reputable schools, IT hubs, colleges, and malls. Improved accessibility to major city areas has influenced future real estate trends by reducing travel times. These improvements make Kokapet a desirable choice for anyone seeking a better way of life.

  • Steady Real Estate Market – The area has a steady real estate market, and the rates are increasing fast. Investing here will give a good ROI in the future.
  • Good Connectivity – The area has a good transport network to all prime areas of the city through a network of highways and roads. There are metros, and buses to connect to all prime areas of the city.
  • Booming IT Hubs - The area has a lot of booming IT hubs like Amazon, Wipro, and Google, with a lot of job offers to a wide range of people.

Kokapet is one of the seamless locations for real estate development, and the residential real estate market remains popular for buying and renting. The property values are likely to be appreciated here as the demand for housing has increased. The IT industry is the critical factor influencing Kokapet's real estate development.


Prestige Clairemont Hyderabad

Prestige Clairemont Hyderabad is a new launch residential project developed by Prestige Group, located in the western zone, Hyderabad is a metropolis known for its booming IT industry. With too much to offer, this city has noticed noteworthy growth in its real estate sector over the past decades. With a range of housing choices, from modern flats to spacious villas, Hyderabad is a great choice for investors when investing in real estate.

Hyderabad's growing population and the number of people moving here for work have raised the housing needs. It is a great time for buyers to put money into real estate projects because of the increase in property values, and it will provide good returns over time. For those seeking an opulent residence in Hyderabad, Prestige Clairemont is the ideal option.

  • Better Connectivity – The city has a good transport network to connect to all prime areas with a network of roads and metro networks. All areas can be reached easily without any hassle.
  • Lots of investment choices – The city has a range of property options to choose from for investment, ranging from budget flats to luxury houses in a varying size and budget range.
  • Steady real estate market – The city has a steady real estate market, and prices are increasing here, which will give a good ROI.
  • Lots of job choices – The city has a wide range of job offers in the IT sector as many IT companies are setting their bases here. So, there are a lot of job offers here which attracts IT professionals to the area.

Hyderabad is a dream city where a lot of people wish to settle due to the job offers, and Prestige Clairemont helps to make this dream come true with the best state-of-the-art living experience.


Prestige Clairemont Apartment

A residential apartment is an independent unit housed in a big structure. It refers to a multi-story house with shared common areas in a housing complex. Hyderabad's luxury apartment market is experiencing an increased demand because of the fashionable lifestyle these apartments offer.

The majority of the residential projects are starting in prime areas like Kokapet. As the real estate market is in demand in the city, many builders are building a lot of apartment projects with all modern features.

Prestige Group has launched a premium township project in Kokapet, “Prestige Clairemont”, offering the residents stunning 3 and 4 BHK luxury flats. It is a gated community project providing luxury that will lift the face of Kokapet. This housing complex will be a landmark in the community and provide extraordinary value for Kokapet residents.

Exclusive benefits which are special in Prestige Clairemont are:

  • Safe area: The project is a safe place to live in the city as it has a range of safety features that include CCTV cameras in common areas, restricted entry access and a 24/7 security team.
  • Community living: The project offers community living where no one will feel alone and can celebrate all events together and have fun together.
  • Big Clubhouse: The project has a big clubhouse that has all the modern leisure features that every modern buyer desires, including a swimming pool, clinic, salon, indoor badminton court, spa, jacuzzi, steam room, kids play area, gym, etc.
  • Best amenities: The project offers modern amenities that are for people of all ages so that everyone can have a great life here.
  • Green areas: The project has 80% open space and it has a lot of green areas, parks and gardens with seating areas.


Prestige Clairemont RERA

Prestige Clairemont has got approval from RERA and the RERA number is P02400005677. The project will be launched in 2024, and the date of possession of the project is June 2026, with a grace period of 6 months.

All Prestige Group properties are RERA-approved and meet all required standards. As Prestige Clairemont meets all rules laid by RERA, it got RERA approved and it will be finished on the given deadline. Only standard materials are used in construction as the builder never compromises on quality.

  • Provides every buyers with easy access to Complaint court
  • Reduces chances of malpractice from builder
  • Creates a better sense of accountability
  • Thorough Clarity on Carpet Area and Prices
  • Shield Against False Ads
  • Complete Buyer Protectio/li>
  • Timely Delivery of projects
  • Guarantees that builders will follow all rules specified by RERA
  • Promises every right of buyers
  • Full Clarity on Pricing
  • Provides buyer with legal access if there is a violation of the rule

Prestige Clairemont, which is in Kokapet, is developed by a most trusted and modern developer, Prestige Group, which always follows the rules and regulations set by RERA authority to develop their projects.

Prestige Group

Prestige Group has been one of the known real estate builders in India since 1986. They focus on residential projects as well as commercial and retail projects. They have developed a diverse range of housing projects that cater to preferences and lifestyles.

Prestige Group Projects in Hyderabad
  • Best buyer approach
  • Transparency in business
  • Always Meet deadlines for project completion
  • Inspiring designs meeting the up-to-date trends
  • Put client requests first
  • Nonstop effort for quality.

Prestige Group has got a lot of awards in real estate as they put the needs of buyers first. They never give up on quality and use standard materials for construction. All of these have made them one of the greatest real estate developers in India.

Upcoming projects are those projects that are new and are coming up for construction. The booking of those projects has started. In 2024, Prestige Group started many projects in Hyderabad that are upcoming and are ready for booking.

Some upcoming projects by Prestige Group in Hyderabad are

The Prestige City Hyderabad

The Prestige City Hyderabad is situated in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, over an area of 64 Acre. The project's prices range from Rs. 1. 07 Crores to 3. 0 Crores. The project features 4647 units over 13 towers. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 1534. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2245. 0 Sq. Ft. A four BHK Flat ranges from 2433. 0 Sq. Ft. to 3431. 0 Sq. Ft.

Prestige Vaishnaoi Rainbow Waters

Prestige Vaishnaoi Rainbow Waters is in Rai Durg, Hyderabad. The units come at a price that varies from Rs. 5. 40 Crores to 6. 19 Crores. A 4 BHK Flat here ranges from 4955. 0 Sq. Ft. to 4983. 0 Sq. Ft.

Prestige High Fields

Prestige High Fields is in Gachibowli in Hyderabad over an area of 22 Acre. The units in the project are priced within the range of Rs. 1. 20 Crores to 3. 91 Crores. There are 2660 units in this project over 10 towers. A 2 BHK Flat here ranges from 1283. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1492. 0 Sq. Ft. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 4069. 0 Sq. Ft. A 4 BHK Flat here ranges from 2848. 0 Sq. Ft.

An ongoing project is one in which the development is going, and the occupancy has yet to be issued. In Hyderabad, several luxury projects are ongoing that is created by Prestige Group, and some of them include

Prestige Tranquil

Prestige Tranquil is in Kokapet, Hyderabad, over a large area of 7 Acres. The units here come at an affordable price that varies from Rs. 1. 84 Crores. Onwards—the project has 906 units over 4 towers. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 2049. 0 Sq. Ft.

Prestige Beverly Hills

Prestige Beverly Hills is in Kokapet, Hyderabad, over an area of 5 Acres. The units come at a price that varies from Rs. 1. 63 Crores to 2. 62 Crores. The project has 800 units over 3 towers. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 1796. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2124. 0 Sq. Ft. A 4 BHK Flat ranges from 2708. 0 Sq. Ft.

A completed project is one where the full work has been finished, and a completion certificate is also issued. It promises that the property is ready, and buyers can take ownership without any complications. In Hyderabad, several projects are completed by Prestige Group, and some of them include

Prestige Ivy League

Prestige Ivy League is in Hitech City, Hyderabad, over an area of 5 Acres. The units here are available in the range of Rs. 2. 85 Crores Onwards. The project has 349 units over 3 towers. A 4 BHK Flat ranges from 3044. 0 Sq. Ft.

Prestige Royal Woods

Prestige Royal Woods is in Kismatpur, Hyderabad, over a large area of 24 Acres. The property has 152 units that are Ready To Move units. The project's launch date is March 2019, and the date of possession is October 2019.


Prestige Clairemont is in Neopolis, and Kokapet is in Hyderabad.

The Prestige Clairemont project is RERA-approved, and the RERA number is P02400005677.

There are 928 units in this project over an area of 7.56 acres.

The project is ready for possession in June 2026 with a grace period of 6 months.

There are 4 towers in this project, which have 3 and 4 BHK flats ranging from 1989 sq ft to 4060 sq ft.

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